“11.11.12 at” Avatar, “the long-awaited presentation of the first collection of the brand,” Empire of the Sun. “This is an unprecedented event in the cultural and spiritual life of the city. The main task. Who has the designer and mastermind brand Tatiana Mammadov – to create a symbiosis of modern art and practices aimed at human development. ” For several hours in the club was relaxed, meditative atmosphere of calm concentration, that is the best corresponds to the ideology of the brand “Empire of the Sun”, is clothing for yoga, meditation, qigong, martial arts and sports. Guests enjoyed the tea ceremony from yoga club “Shanti”, plunged into the world of meditation under the direction of Igor Stoyanov, network founder hairdressing salons “Person”. In addition to workshops on presentation was shown to the installation group Stain accompanied compositions known kompoziora Dmitry: Vtol Morozova- all this set offers a certain perception of the collection. It was a spectacular show. More like an ancient pagan ritual worship of the Sun, which was attended not only by professional models, but also yoga teachers, dancers. Actors and other bright, artistic personality. At the end of action presents came on the scene year-old boy in a tracksuit from “Empire of the Sun” – it has become a kind of fashion promise soon to release a collection of clothes for the little ones “Warriors of Light” Vladimir Aphanasenko, president of “Avatar”, an investor, a member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover): “We have been involved in this project, we liked it potomuch designer and the project itself,” Empire of the Sun. “We periodically perform at festivals of the sun, and all that happened there, and said, we are very clear. The closest holiday is, of course, the winter solstice, an ancient celebration of birth of the new sun, birth The Savior, which was later borrowed by the Christians. There are opinions that the beginning of the solar cycle, global change will occur in the consciousness of humanity: we cease to erase the memory of past incarnations. Therefore, it is important to collect and accentuate the positive on the positive images. And what could be more positive image of the Sun! “

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