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A purple world


You cannot call purple natural, as he gives off a mystical and mysterious aura. His main association is richness, prosperity and mystery. At his base lie red and blue - two opposites. The purple chakra is not in the body of a person, but rather above his head. She is the closing chakra, the aura in that area creates a link with the cosmos. The color purple is responsible for intuition and other unexplainable revelations. All genius ideas arrive from this chakra. The core of purple is knowledge. That knowledge is stronger than those of other colors, mainly blue and yellow. This color helps banish fears and cure melancholy. When the purple (seventh) chakra a person becomes egocentric and lives in a limited vision of reality. Those people tend to have a weak connection to their own soul.

Like with other colors, purple must be used with moderation, otherwise you will be struck with depression and fatigue. If one spends too much time connecting to space, then the material body will start receiving less attention. Furthermore problems with the neural will arrive, alongside other issues.

Violet is a mixture of white and purple. It is similar to pink in it’s romantic and soft nature. But violet is more suitable for introverts - it is meant for meditation and thinking alone. Violet helps find inspiration and always goes hand in hand with unique people, who are usually called “out of this world”. The color is loved by day dreamers, creators & geniuses. Those people are often helpless in front of the vast world, but their souls are filled with romance and creativity. Usually they are aesthetic folk with sharp tongues and a sense of humor. Violet fits all genders, but generally looks more feminine. Those who hate violet are frequently pragmatic and confident. The influence of the color on a person's psyche is similar to the influence of violet, but people don’t risk losing their connection to the real world. 

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