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Dark blue mist.


For those who are too active and impulsive, it’s difficult to communicate with others. Dark blue is a color for this kind of people. He calms, stabilizes and controls. A balanced sixth dark blue chakra means that the person is calm and disciplined. Even then discipline is not only on the outside, but also on the inside. With the help of dark blue you will learn to control your emotions and acquire a needed cool-headedness. Sometime later you will be able to fully control your temper and actions. Dark blue assists with concentration. Too much impulsivity often has a negative effect on the neural system. But dark blue is able to handle these issues. Your mind will be clear and fresh. Also this color raises self-confidence.

Dark blue has many shades with many different effects. Rich blue - calm, peaceful and chill. Dark blue is more alarmed and even depressed. He can evoke stress. Excessive psychological impact of a color can alter a person's reality; engulf him in a world of illusions. IF a person is naturally melancholic, then it’s better not to use blue. A good alternative would be yellow or orange. Regardless, long influence of blue can depress even a naturally optimistic person. In bioenergy he is often replaced with light blue.


2016.11.06 kPkOZbpS

This artclie went ahead and made my day.

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