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Light blue lagoon


Light blue is a combination of dark blue and white - because of that he combines the effects of both colors. One part of him helps relax and stay calm. It creates the effect of coolness and freshness. The second part hastens workflow, imagination and helps attention. The light blue chakra is located in the neck. That is why it impacts the creative potential and the expression of one’s thoughts, as well as poetic impulses. All communicative stress, fear of talking about one’s point of view and stage fear is related to problems with the light blue chakra. In ancients times it was said that the light blue chakra sets the connection between the body and the head. If you want to learn how to talk to unknown people, clearly express your thoughts and emotions, then surround yourself with light blue.

The fifth chakra is also responsible for immunity. Use light blue to get rid of constant headaches, so you can stop visiting the otorhinologist. The work of the thyroid gland is also connected to light blue. The color encourages activity for longer times, improves coordination, relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure, lowers your appetite, gets rid of pain, can get rid of a fever, helps with insomnia and neural diseases.


2016.05.10 WilliamPi

wow, awesome forum topic.Thanks Again. Really Cool. Worsfold

2016.11.06 8xQWVxeJG

Thanks for sharing. Your post is a useful conittburion.

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