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Black magic


You cannot call black a color. Rather it is the absence of such. That has a massive influence on the human psyche. Often black is a symptom of depression, gloom, sadness and uncertainty. Ironically, he also helps you rest. The goal of black is a challenge. The vibrations of black create protest, disagreement with the outside world. A person close to black may reach regions that are closed for others. Black absorbs, but also gives. It grants the power to understand what is hidden. If a person wants to get to the truth, he chooses black. In times of consideration and recollection wear black to help you. Of course black is also perfect for hiding from unwanted gazes. In addition to this black can hide impurities and imperfections. A person who wears black is in a constant search of the important aspect of life. He is never satisfied as he feels a constant lack of things important to him. Black is filled with white, but one can only understand that if he lets black inside of him. One may not reach white, unless he goes through black. On a similar note, you cannot exit black quickly - you can only slowly add new colors until you are ready to move on.


2016.11.06 AUgvphIZC
Now I know who the brainy one is, I'll keep lonokig for your posts.

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