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How to order


You can order by logging onto our website. If you are not registered yet, the registration procedure takes no more than 2 minutes.

You will receive a text message to the number you specified during the registration procedure with a code to confirm your registration. Next, you will need to log in under the registered username and password, choose your product of choice, their color, size and put them in the basket. Next in the basket click "Checkout" and go through the instructions - give your address, select the method of delivery, payment method and confirm the order. If you have a promotional code for a discount, please enter it in the appropriate field. Once the order is issued you will be notified with an acknowledgment of the order and the order number, alongside your chosen delivery method.



In addition to the discounts that are periodically granted to certain colors of clothing for all visitors, the site has a system of discounts for regular buyers:

5% discount when paying for the goods at the time of ordering the card. This discount is summed with any other discounts.

Discounts on the following order:

11% discount for shoppers that had previously made a purchase worth over 230$. The discount is given one week from the date of purchase and has no expiration date. You will receive the promo code on the e-mail specified during the previous order and you will be able to use the code during your next purchase, by putting it in the promo code box.

22% discount for shoppers that had previously made a purchase worth over 380$. The same rules apply as to the 11% discount. (You only receive the highest possible discount)


Discounts on clothing sets:

When creating our collection, we held the compatibility of our models close to heart. For those who appreciate chemistry between their clothes, we have an offer. When choosing the color of your purchase, choose your desired combinations and the website will give you all possible combinations of models.

15% discount when ordering a set of 2 matching color items for the amount of 112,5 $. The discount is available at check out.

25% discount when ordering a set of 3 matching color items for the amount of 193,5 $. The discount is available at check out.

The discount for people with an active lifestyle:

Since our customer’s feedback is highly important for us, we offer an additional 3% discount to all buyers who leave a review of their purchased goods and answer questions from other potential buyers. Questions will come to the e-mail address specified during registration a week after the purchase.

Payment for orders

Payment for orders

For customers located outside of the Russian Federation, PayPal acts as the main payment method. All payments are done with warranty of protection of PayPal customers. In addition to this, we provide our own quality, which lets your return the goods in case you were not satisfied. You will receive full money with the exemption of mailing costs. Full return policy is available here.

For Russian Federation customers:

Cash to the courier upon receipt of the order. Pre-you can open the package and try on items ordered. If some of the things you will not do the order will be completely abandoned.

Payment on-line. With the help of an electronic payment system ChronoPay You can always pay for the purchased goods by credit card or electronic money. Chronopay uses the best technology on the market of data protection. Please note that the Empire of the sun does not receive or store your credit card details.

ChronoPay fully meet the safety standards of VISA AIS (Account Information Security) and MasterCard SDP (Site Data Protection).

The main feature of the service is the security system, which ensures the highest available security of payments. This was confirmed by international safety standard’s PCI DSS and certified by the worldwide network of security against hacker attacks SA HACKER SAFE. There is a continuous monitoring of all transactions for suspicious activity and all shady transactions are manually checked by the members of Chrono pay. The platform supports 200 automatic filters and security settings, while also supporting creating specific filters, which cater to the specific transactions needs. The complex walls off all DDOS attacks, as well as all hacking attempts.



For customers located outside of the Russian Federation we deliver goods by EMS-Russian Post. You can see the estimated time for delivery to specific countries here. If you don’t find you destination, please contact us and we will send you all the information we have. After the initial mailing of your envelope we will provide you with the tracking over e-mail. You will then be able to check on your envelopes status on emsrussianpost.ru.

For Russian Federation customers we provide express delivery is carried out in more than 60 cities of Russia. Full list here.

Delivery time is from till working days.

Point of delivery of orders is available in the following cities.

Terminals allow post offices to pick up their own parcels of convenience (24 h)-pochtomatov terminals in Moscow and Moscow region. Schedule items issuing orders.


For express delivery and encashment orders facilities of "fitting" that allows you to make a decision before the final award of the order and acceptance of payment.

! Please note that the order at this stage only be refunded in full, you can not return a part of the order.

SMS-tracking delivery

All customers receive an SMS with a unique parcel immediately upon transfer of the order to the delivery service. Through this number you will be able to keep track of on-line delivery of the passage of stages.


Please contact us if you are unsatisfied with your order. Your opinion matter to us!

Returns of good quality:

If the goods have not approached you in color, a style, or size, you can return it guaranteed, in whole or in part, within 14 days. Return policies- conservation presentation (including the presence of labels, labels), and its consumer properties.

! Please note that when returning the goods of good quality, that is not a manufacturing defect, we will refund you the entire cost of the goods, with the postage to return items is not refundable.

Returns of poor quality:

Inadequate quality item is a product that has flaws and can not comply with their functions. Please note that the appearance and completeness of the goods in the case of delivery by courier or through the issuance of the order item should be checked by the recipient at the time of delivery. 

! Please note that return of goods of poor quality, we will refund you the cost of goods, shipping and return costs. When partial return we will pay the cost to return items. Application for return is considered the expert committee within 5 working days of receipt of goods to our warehouse.

Return of products of poor quality 

for outside Russian Federation customers:

Please contact us before choosing your return shipment method.

If the product was of poor quality, we will cover the return shipping costs, as well as give you full money back.

You may choose any shipping method most comfortable for you, but we will only cover 33 $ for the shipment costs.

If the product was of acceptable quality, but you were not satisfied with it for any reason, you may ship it back to us  with any preferred method.

You will receive a refund, but we will not cover the shipping costs.

for Russian Federation customers

Returns are only done with Russian Post:

To return to the Russian Post is necessary:

Apply to any branch of the Russian Post.

Send us the parcel at: 119019, Moscow, ul. Noviy Arbat, 11, bld. 1.

Together with the goods in the parcel must be put: 

1. Return of poor quality form (You will find it in the original package of your purchase)

2. Invoice

3. Copy of passport or ID

4. Product or cashier's check.

5. Copy of the receipt of services by the Russian Post delivery goods.

6. Further information on the return of the goods of improper quality


Not later than 5 days from the date of receipt of the goods claimed in the category of "poor quality", we will inform you of the decision on the claim or the examination of goods at our expense. In this case the user will be notified of the date and place of the examination. The consumer has the right to be present at its performance and in case of disagreement with the results challenge the conclusion of the court. If the result of the examination found that defects in the goods occurs due to circumstances for which the seller does not respond, the consumer is obliged to reimburse the seller the cost of the examination, as well as for storage and transportation of the goods at the time of its implementation.

Claim for refund of money paid for the goods subject to the satisfaction of the amount within 10 days from the date of request (Article. 22 of the RF Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights"). Cash for goods of good quality are listed according to the method of payment. In case of return of goods of improper quality you will be refunded the cost of goods and transportation costs, if any.


Refunds will be made within 10 days from the date we receive the goods at the warehouse.

If you want to receive your money back to any other account, rather than the one you used during your purchase - let us know, we will be happy to help you.

Privacy Policy


Site Administration recognizes the importance of the confidentiality of personal information of users of the Site.

Administration of the Site does not collect any personal data or any other personal information unless you do not agree to provide such information through the Site.


By submitting your personal (personal) data to the Site or the transmission of personal data of the Administration of the Site by other means, you agree to use the Site Administration of your personal data, including the collection, storage, use, destruction of data for the purpose of ordering, payment, delivery, returns, response questions, orders, letters addressed through the Site, ensure that you receive information about products and services, discounts and promotions, or with a different purpose for which the personal data were sent to the site administrator. By making a purchase on the site, or simply by registering, you agree to receive e-mail messages, SMS messages, phone calls, notifying you of the status of the order, as well advertising information on your registered e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

 If you do not agree with the use of your personal data, please send a message Site Administration, which will contain your rejection of the use of personal data.

When you use the Site automatically collected a number of technical data, including IP address, cookie, browser history and other visits. "Cookies" ("cookies") - a small amount of data, sends a site that does your computer stores on your hard drive, for example, data on which pages you visited, addresses third-party internet sites from which you made ​​a transition to the Site. You can set your browser so that it does not store "cookies".

 Site Administration nobody transmits confidential information and shall take all possible measures to protect data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction.ничтожения.


Terms and definitions


Terms of sale

Terms of the sale of goods in online store EMPIRE OF THE SUN

Items posted on the site are intended for personal consumption.

Online store is regulated by the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights, Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 27.09.2007 № 612" On approval of rules for the sale of goods remotely.

Order will be generated based on the information provided by the Customer through the website www.empireofthesun.me.

Goods paid in cash to the courier upon delivery or by cashless payments at the time of order.

Non-cash payment can be made by bank transfer, using a credit card, as well as electronic payment, in accordance with the procedure referred to on the site www.empireofthesun.me in the "Payment". Expenses for the transfer of funds to the Seller the Buyer.

The consumer has a right to get the cargo in the issuance of orders and the terminal post offices in Moscow and Moscow region in choosing the appropriate form of delivery. Information about them is presented in the Delivery section.

Shipping cost is calculated individually for each Order, based on its weight, region and mode of delivery. In case of failure of the Buyer of the goods at the moment of delivery, or at any time before it, the board with the Purchaser will be charged for any product or for the courier service.

Terms and conditions of use and care of the item listed on the label or in the accompanying description.

The consumer is entitled to reject the goods at any time before the transfer and after the transfer of goods - within 14 days. Return the goods of good quality is possible if its trade, consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and terms of the purchase of these goods. The absence of the Buyer of this document does not preclude him from relying on other evidence of purchase of goods from this seller. Buyer shall not be entitled to reject the goods of good quality, having individually defined properties, if the specified product can be used exclusively by the Buyer to acquire them.

In case of refusal of the Buyer of the goods internet store returns him to the amount paid by the Buyer for the Goods except for the cost of return shipping from the Purchaser no later than 10 days from the date of the consumer of the requirement.

Return the goods of improper quality possible within 30 days from the date of the order. Such items should be sent by the Russian Post in the Seller with the documents confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the goods, as well as an application for return of poor quality. Seller within 5 days makes payment of funds paid for the goods, including the cost of return shipment of the goods, in the event of receipt (check) payment of delivery, or sends goods for examination, assigned with the possibility of the presence on it of the Buyer.

Return Items located in Moscow and St. Petersburg are made by the Purchaser through courier in other regions via the Russian Post at Bauman Str., 11, p.5.

Refund to the Purchaser in the event of the return of the goods shall be in accordance with the method of payment for the Goods. Money paid in cash courier transferred to the account of the Buyer.

Public offer:

Public offer (bid) www.empireofthesun.me shop on sale of goods


Buyer - any capable person, to accept a public offer under the terms of this offer by placing an order online www.empireofthesun.me


Seller - LLC "Tatiana Mamedov & Co." Shop Online - A website belonging to the Seller, having an address on the Internet www.empireofthesun.me and offering products offered by sellers to buyers for ordering.

Website - www.empireofthesun.me

Goods - to the agreement of the parties from the range presented in the online store.

Order - the position specified by the Purchaser of the range of goods offered for sale on the Site, when you make an application for the purchase and delivery of the goods to the address of the Goods. Online Web Store or through the Operator.

Delivery service - a third party provider under contract with the Seller delivery service customer orders.

1: General

1.1. Site Administrator is LLC "Tatiana Mamedov and Co".

1.2. When ordering goods through the online store, the buyer agrees to all terms and conditions of this offer

1.3. These Terms and Conditions also information about products displayed on the Site are the public offer in accordance with Part 2 st.437 st.435 and the Civil Code.

1.4. The relations between the Buyer and the Seller, the provisions of the Civil Code of the retail sale (§ 2, Chapter 30), and the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights" from 07.02.1992 № 2300-1 and other legal acts adopted in accordance therewith .

1.5. Seller reserves the right to amend these Terms without notice to the Buyer

1.6. Validity of the offer is not restricted, unless otherwise indicated on the website e-shop

1.7. Buyer agrees to the terms by pressing the "Checkout" button at the final stage of ordering on the Site.

1.8. Seller provides the Buyer complete and accurate information about the product, including information on basic consumer properties of goods, the place of manufacture, conditions of care.

2 Join the Site

2.1. To place an order on the Site Buyer must register.

2.2. Seller is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of information provided by Buyer during registration.

2.3. Buyer agrees not to disclose to third parties the login and password provided during registration. Transfer Buyer password to third parties is prohibited.

3 Appearance and timing of orders

3.1. Buyer's order may be issued by the Purchaser yourself on the Site.

3.2. When ordering, buyer must provide the following information:

- Name The buyer or recipient of the order

- Delivery address

- Telephone number

- E-mail

3.3. Seller guarantees the confidentiality and protection of personal information of the Recipient.

3.4. The name, quantity, range, product, price chosen by the buyer of the goods specified in the shopping cart in the online store.

3.5. After ordering, the Buyer provides information on the expected date of delivery. The specified date depends on the delivery address and the region. Deadlines for receipt of Buyer's Order depend on the selected delivery service, and does not directly depend on the Seller.

3.6. If the Seller does not stock the required amount of the ordered goods, the Seller shall inform the Buyer by sending an e-mail or call. The buyer has the right to agree to accept goods in an amount available to the Seller, or to cancel this position the goods from the Order. In the case of non-response of the Buyer within 2 days Seller reserves the right to cancel this product from the Order notifying the Buyer by sending an electronic message.

3.7. Ownership of the Goods ordered passes to the Buyer with the actual transfer of the goods to the Buyer and pay the full cost of the goods last. The risk of accidental loss or damage to the goods passes to the Buyer with the actual transfer of the goods to the Buyer.

3.8. Seller has the right to refuse to enter into the contract and would like to order, if the buyer is already decorated and received other orders.

3.9. All materials shown on this website are for reference only and can not fully transmit accurate information about the properties and characteristics of the goods, including colors, sizes and shapes.

4 Delivery

4.1. Methods of delivery of the goods listed on the Website in the "Delivery".

4.2. Place of delivery of the Goods the Buyer indicates when placing purchase orders for goods

4.3. Delivered goods is transferred to the Purchaser, and in the absence of the Buyer - any person who submits a receipt or other document confirming the conclusion of the Agreement or clearance delivery of the goods.

4.4. Seller will make every effort to comply with the terms of delivery specified on the Site, however, delays in delivery are possible due to unforeseen circumstances that occur through no fault of the Seller.

4.5. Shipping cost is calculated individually for each Order, based on its weight, the region and the method of delivery, payment methods, and points to the last stage of ordering on the Site.

4.6. Time allotted by the Seller for the Buyer of the Order of the delivery service, limited and specified during the ordering process, when selecting the appropriate mode of delivery. 4.7. Non-receipt of the Order to the specified in Sec.

4.7 All terms deemed a waiver of Buyer's purchase and sale agreement and is grounds for cancellation of the order by the Seller. If the order was unearned is prepaid, cash returned to the buyer, except for the cost of transporting the goods.

4.8. Seller is not responsible for the increase in terms of delivery of the shipping service, as they do not directly depend on the Seller.

5. Payment of Goods

5.1. Product price indicated on the Site, in Russian rubles.

5.2. The price of the Goods on the Site may be changed unilaterally by the Seller (promotions, discounts and so on. D.). The price of goods ordered by the Buyer may not be changed.

5.3. Settlements between the Seller and the Buyer for the goods produced in the manner prescribed in the online shop in the "Payment".

5.4. Order of payment via bank cards listed on the site, see Methods of payment.

5.5. Log in operations with bank cards made ​​by the bank. If the bank has reason to believe that a transaction is fraudulent, the bank is entitled to refuse the implementation of this operation. Fraudulent transactions with bank cards fall under the scope of Article 159 of the Criminal Code.

6. Return of Goods 

6.1. Returns of good quality.

6.1.1. The buyer is entitled to refuse to order the product at any time before it is received, and after receiving the goods - within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase. Return the goods of good quality is possible if its trade, consumer properties, as well as documents confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the Product.

6.1.2. In case of refusal of the Buyer from the Seller returns him the value of returned goods, excluding the cost of the Seller from the Buyer on delivery of the goods returned no later than 10 days from the date of receipt by the Seller of Buyer's written application. Product Return Procedure described in the section of the Site "return policy"

6.2. Returns inadequate quality

6.2.1. Buyer can return the goods of improper quality manufacturer or vendor and request a refund of the amount of money within 30 days. The buyer may also require the replacement of the goods of improper quality or elimination of deficiencies.

6.2.2. In case of failure of the Buyer from the contract and a claim for the return of the money paid for the goods amount, the cost of the goods to be returned to the Buyer within 10 days of receipt of goods by the Seller and the Buyer's written application.

6.3. Refunds carried out in a way that has been used by the Buyer to pay for goods. Payments through the system, the reverse transfer of funds to which it is impossible to go back through the payment system Uniteller, if you pay cash to the courier delivery services for the money is returned to the account of the client.

6.4. In case of detection in the order of goods not conforming to the ordered range, the Purchaser shall have the right to refuse this product and require replacement of the Goods in the range prescribed by the Order, or to make restitution of the goods and to request a cash for goods.

6.5. Goods transferred to the buyer, in violation of the conditions of the range, to be returned to the Seller. If the buyer receives this product, Seller shall have the right to demand payment from the buyer of the goods at the price set by the seller for the goods on the site at the time of transfer of goods.

6.6. Replacement of goods not conforming to order on the range, is carried out by making a new order.

7. Intellectual Property

7.1. All textual information and graphics on this Site are the property of the Seller.

8. Warranty and Liability

8.1. Seller is not liable for damage caused to the Buyer as a result of improper use of the Goods ordered online.

9. Confidentiality and protection of personal information

9.1. When you register on the Site Buyer provides the following information: Name, email address, password to access the site.

9.2. Aktseptiruya this offer, the Purchaser agrees and authorizes LLC "Vayldberriz" legal address: 142715, Moscow Region, Leninsky District,. Milkovo ow. 1, BIN 1067746062449 (hereinafter - the operator) to process their personal data, including name, first name, date of birth, gender, place of employment, mailing address; home, work, mobile phones, e-mail, including the collection, classification, accumulation, storage, update (update, change), use, distribution (including the transfer of the territory of the Russian Federation and the cross-border transfer), depersonalization, blocking and destruction of personal data, as well as the transfer of their counterparties Operator for further processing (including data collection, classification, accumulation, storage, update (update, change), use, distribution (including the transfer of the territory of the Russian Federation and the cross-border transfer), depersonalization, blocking, destruction of personal data) to conduct research aimed at improving the quality of services for marketing programs, statistical research, and to promote services in the market by making direct contact with the buyer through various means of communication, including, but not limited to: mailing list , e-mail, telephone, facsimile, Internet. Buyer agrees and allows the operator and contractors Operator process personal data of Customer using automated database management systems, and other software designed specifically on behalf of the Operator. Working with such systems is carried out using the specified operator algorithm (collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, update, use, blocking and destruction). Used methods of processing (including, but not limited to): Automatic verification of postal codes to the base code, automatic check spelling of street names \ settlements, automatic validation is VIN and state registration plates, accurate data with the Buyer by telephone, postal service with the Purchaser or using the contact via the Internet, database segmentation criteria. Buyer agrees that if it is necessary to realize the objectives set forth in this offer, his personal information, obtained by the Operator, may be disclosed to third parties, which the operator can instruct the processing of personal data of the Buyer pursuant to a contract entered into with such persons, at subject to the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation to provide such third parties personal data privacy and security of personal data during their processing. When transmitting said data Purchaser operator warns people receiving personal data of Customer that the data are confidential and may be used only for the purposes for which they are communicated, and require from such persons comply with this rule. The buyer is entitled to ask the operator for the total information about their personal data, their processing and use, as well as requiring the exclusion or corrections / additions incorrect or incomplete personal data by sending a written request to the appropriate Operator's name to the mailing address. This Buyer consent to the processing of personal data is of indefinite duration and can be withdrawn by a written statement by the Purchaser to the Operator for the mailing address.

9.3. If the buyer does not want their personal data processed, it must apply to the Service to work with buyer to the seller. In this case, all information received from the Purchaser (including at the login and password) is removed from the customer base of buyers and sellers will not be able to place orders on the Website

9.4. Seller has the right to send messages to the Purchaser advertising and informational. If the buyer does not wish to receive mailings from the Seller, it must change the appropriate settings for the subscription.

9.5. Seller agrees not to disclose information received from the Purchaser. Not considered a violation of the provision of information by the Seller agents and third parties acting on the basis of a contract with the Seller, to fulfill obligations to the purchaser.

9.6. Not considered a violation of disclosure obligations in accordance with the valid and applicable legal requirements.

9.7. Seller has the right to use the technology "cookies". "Cookies" do not contain confidential information and is not shared with third parties.

9.8. Seller receives information about ip-addresses of our visitors www.empireofthesun.me. This information is used to identify the visitor.

9.9. Seller is not responsible for information provided by the buyer on the site in an accessible form.

10 Other terms and conditions

10.1. The relations between the Buyer and the Seller, the law of the Russian Federation.


10.2. In case of questions and complaints from the Buyer, he must apply to the Service to work with buyer to the seller by phone or via the feedback form on the site.Все возникающее споры стороны будут стараться решить путем переговоров, при не достижении соглашения спор будет передан на рассмотрение в судебный орган в соответствии с действующим законодательством РФ.

Сomplete requisites





TIN 7704665004

KPP 770401001

BIN 1077761514225

Legal address 119019, Moscow, Novy Arbat Street., 11, p.1

The actual address 123001, Moscow, Maley Patriarshiy sidestr.,6.


NACE 18.24

OKPO 83152753

OKOGU 49013

OKATO 45286552000



Account number 40702810402200002663 OJSC "Alfa-Bank" to / from 30101810200000000593

BIC 044525593

The Director-General Chibisov Evgueni +79262171881

Terms for outside Russia delivery

Country distination

Capital/Internetional post trade place




Canberra / Sydney








Buenos Aires












Brazil / Sao Paulo



United Kingdom












Hong Kong

Hong Kong







* Georgia

















Rome / Milan




Astana/ Almaty



Canada l

Ottawa / Montreal







Korea (South)













Kuala Lumpur




Mexico City



Monaco (Principality)

Monte Carlo (transit through Paris, France)







New Zealand

Wellington / Auckland



















United States

Washington / New York
















Bern / Geneva















** D – The time it takes for the EMS to deliver to the capital/place of international post trade in days (delivery on the D day). In case the capital is not the place of international post trade, you should add the time it takes for the delivery to be completed on the territory of the country to the before specified time

*** J – The time it takes for the EMS to be delivered from the capital/place of international post trade to the address on the territory of the country (in days).

 The current term of passage does not include the day of filing EMS dispatch, as well as national holidays.

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