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We all live in a yellow submarine


The main associations of yellow are knowledge, wisdom, self-sufficiency, fertility and maturity. This color gives energy, optimism, calms and relaxes. It is yellow that is considered the color of intelligence. He positively impacts memory and creative processes. Yellow is the third chakra which is connected to our vision and ability to create a goal and move to it with power and energy. The impact of yellow is mostly felt by the neural system. His field is the right side of the brain which is responsible for creativity. With the help of yellow one can develop his talents and alleviate thought processes. But yellow should not be used with insomnia. Just like orange, yellow influences the digestive system but from a different angle. He is responsible for digesting important nutrients, especially calcium. If you are lacking yellow, then it can cause problems with your musculoskeletal apparatus. Yellow improves skin health, returning it’s past softness and firmness.

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