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My name is RED


The color red is the symbol of persistence and energy and his shades are always vibrant. They encourage moving from a dead spot, raising your spirits and proving your point. If you are struggling to make an important decision, fear to follow your plans, then red most certainly will get rid of all your worries. You will manage to correctly accent important things, look at the situation more clearly and evaluate your priorities. The Red (first) chakra adds endurance and stamina. Even if you have a feeling that everything is doomed and your life forces abandoned you, red will revitalize you and give you back your self-control. Red stimulates leadership qualities, but excess activity of the first chakra can negatively impact one’s behavior. It can provoke anger, aggression, jealousy and impatience. That’s why one should use the color red in moderation. Most specialists agree that red works the best in the morning. Also this color can be used in situations when one needs to refill his ambitions and dedication.

Red also positively works on a person’s organism. It stimulates the blood flow, metabolism and improves one’s immunity to diseases. The effects of red are most clear after a long walk in cold weather. If you need to get warm as soon as possible, there is nothing better than red fur socks. This color is chosen by people with low blood pressure, however it is not recommended to those with high pressure. This touches different blood paths and in these situations it is advised to use a minimum of red and rather replace it with orange.

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