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The main goal of the color green is the protection of richness and prosperity. It’s better to stop at warm shades. Juicy green color helps get rid of worries and problems. The color has a refreshing influence, letting you stay in action for a longer time. When long term plans arrive, definitely use green. For example if you are planning to begin a diet or start working out, then green will provide you with the necessary reinforcements. It influences not only the result, but also helps maintain your past achievements. A lot of green can work as a sleep-aid, relaxing your body completely. This is also why it’s better to avoid the color during the morning. Too much green can even cause sadness and apathy.

Of course, green is nature. Green improves your eyesight and alleviates your appetite, as well as improves how your brain works and how well you concentrate. In bioenergy the green chakra is connected to altruism, selfless love and generosity. You will be ready to positively accept the entire world.  If the green chakra is well developed then the person inevitably becomes the heart of the company. The lack of green is connected to respiratory problems, issues with connecting with other people and creating relationships with the other gender.

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