EMP.OS is a collection of comfortable and stylish outfit for yoga, meditative practices, martial arts, dancing, sports, and leisure time. There are many clothes for sports and leisure out there, but the EMP.OS collection is unique due to its original design sophisticated body-shaping cut, and the use of the color philosophy knowledge. Our clothes provide the feeling of comfort and ease during exercises and leisure time, and make you look aesthetically perfect.
Five Hallmarks of EMP.OS

1. Clothes for practices

Our original goal was to create a collection, particularly for yoga. We put our understanding of the practice in our design taking into account every detail to make sure our models are functional and beautiful, and suitable for both dynamic exercises and meditation. It is important that training clothes are absolutely comfortable, not restricting any movement. In the case of the use of slippery synthetic fabric in the manufacture of leggings and trousers, legs may slide off even in such a basic yoga pose as “the tree” (vrikshasana). When doing the inverted yoga poses, it is important that the clothes don’t fall down, and thus do not disturb you during doing exercises. We considered and took into account all these issues when creating the EMP.OS clothes. However, after we saw the result of our work, we realised that it would be wrong to restrict the range of the use of our products only to yoga. EMP.OS wear is also suitable for going to a gym and other sport and dynamic activities.

2. Fabrics

All models are made of high-quality flexible and breathable materials with excellent tactile characteristics. Utilising modern technology for the production of knitted fabric and with special additives, we greatly extend the lifespan of clothes. The elasticity of the fabrics and seams, excellent wear resistance and durability, are among the main characteristics of the EMP.OS brand clothing. Our products do not lose their shape and color even after being washed many times; they do not absorb smells and retain the softness and elasticity for a long time.
  • Natural cotton knitted fabric with elastane, as well as fabrics made from rayon artificial silk and lycra, perfectly retain their shape after machine wash. They dry fast and preserve the brightness of colors for a long time.
  • Over the years, the thick knitted fabric with a fleecy underside known as Cotton French Terry in gray melange colour has proved to be the most fashionable and popular material for sports and leisure clothing.
  • Velour knitted fabric made of natural cotton also does not deform when washed, and keeps the colors bright and saturated.

3. Colors and their Influence on Energy

EMP.OS this is the first conceptual clothes brand, which designs clothes using the knowledge about the energy meridians of the human body and the effects of color on a person. According to the ancient Vedic knowledge, the chakras are located along the spine and drive our energy to the areas they correspond to. The charkas represent the seven main colors of the color spectrum. Celestial bodies – the planets of the Solar System, also have their colors that can influence human health, mind, and mood. When selected in accordance with the laws of the impact of colors, the clothes can help you reach your individual goals, whether it’s your plan for a day or a general purpose in life. Depending on the situation, you can use bright, cheerful colors or a strict black and white combination.

4. Body Shape Modeling

Our models are designed with an idea for men to feel as comfortable as possible during training, and for women to not only feel comfortable, but attractive too. That’s because comfort and beautiful appearance are equally important while doing fitness. Our complex and well thought out body-hugging cut of all clothes properly accentuates the body shape. You can choose a form-fitting model with contrasting colorful inserts, which will emphasize the dignity of your figure, or models of a free cut with soft folds or low waist, that will hide any flaws of a figure. These clothes are designed to organically fit your body, without hindering the movements, and giving a feeling of freedom and comfort.

5. Style

The EMP.OS clothing is versatile and is nice to wear not only in a gym. Most of our models are suitable for everyday wearing in your leisure time, during active exercises, or in travels. All our clothes perfectly blend with each other. You can put on a kimono after the gym and go for breakfast with your friends. A dress or a one-piece suit from our female casual collection is perfect for a going out to, presentation or a cocktail party. Male models are universal too as they are equally suitable for exercising in a gym, relaxing with a book on a couch, or going for a walk in a park or out of town. EMP.OS clothing is not only comfortable but also fashionable, beautiful and state-of-art, designed in a unique New Wellness style. Those who prefer to look unusual and elegant will appreciate our original prints and futuristic design. EMP.OS has no seasonality in collections. You can wear our clothes in summer, in a winter in countries with warm climate , or just all year round at home and while doing sports.
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